Liion Power Battery Life Extender
Battery Life Extender
Smart device that optimises charging to increase portable electronics battery lifespan.

Collaboration with Liion Power.
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Plant pot that cleans your air and never has to be watered
A smart plant pot that cleans your air and never has to be watered!

Partly subsidised by the province of Noord Holland in the Netherlands.
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Sustainable drinking water from the air, anywhere in the world
WaterWin is an affordable, standalone Air-to-Water device that can produce large quantities of water virtually anywhere in the world.

Collaboration with Solaq, subsidized in part by the European Union.
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Savonius Wind Turbine Optimisation
Wind turbine fluid dynamic performance optimization for a new application.
TinyTim House
Tiny TIM is a 100% sustainable ‘Tiny house’ in which drinking water, thermal and electrical energy supply and toilet/shower water are all supplied by integrated renewable sources. The houses can be used all year and completely off-grid.
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